About us

Koninklijk Nederlands Vervoer (KNV), or the Royal Dutch Transport Federation, is the leading association for professional passenger transport in the Netherlands.

Combining its long history and experience with a forward-looking, proactive approach, KNV represents the interests of thousands of companies and organisations in the country, and addresses the evolving demands of mobility by facilitating modern and sustainable transport solutions.

Committed to the Future of Mobility


Our association is segmented into specialised sector organizations. Each dedicated to specific facets of transportation. What these sectors have in common is that they represent the highest standards of service and regulatory compliance in professional passenger transport in the Netherlands.

They ensure the safeguarding of passenger welfare and are dedicated to meeting stringent environmental standards.

Our mission

KNV is at the forefront of integrating digital technology into traditional transportation modes. Embracing the digital transformation, we want to make the most of the opportunities created by the internet, big data and artificial intelligence in order to transform how we manage and combine mobility options.

We believe that these are the solutions that will help create passenger transport that is both more efficient and more responsive to passenger demands, while also creating a more environmentally friendly mobility sector.

On every level, KNV is committed to sustainability. We encourage the adoption of zero-emission vehicles across our networks and support initiatives aimed at enhancing the eco-friendliness of public and private transportation.

The modes of transport our organisation represents already excel at maintaining a low carbon footprint. By actively encouraging new digital solutions, we do everything we can to contribute to the climate action goals the Netherlands has set for the coming years.

KNV Sector Organisations

Leading in sustainable and digital mobility innovations

KNV Zorgvervoer en Taxi
│ ‘KNV Healthcare Transport and Taxi’ is a cornerstone of KNV, representing a significant portion of all taxi operations in the Netherlands. Focused on both healthcare and commercial passenger transport, KNV Zorgvervoer en Taxi ensures that essential mobility services are accessible to anyone who needs to go anywhere.

Our members ensure everyday activities such as work, school, healthcare and social engagements are available to everyone. We firmly believe in the importance of mobility in enhancing quality of life.

Busvervoer Nederland (BVN) │ Our association for coach travel, BVN,  represents over 85% of the Dutch coach travel industry, which in turn is responsible for facilitating billions of passenger kilometres annually, both domestically and internationally.

Surpassed only by electric trains, the coach travel industry is scientifically recognised for its low environmental impact. Coaches are a sustainable choice for long-distance travel, very effectively reducing per-passenger emissions.

Openbaar Vervoer │ KNV offers executive support to the public transport sector, enhancing operational efficiencies and service quality levels through project management and strategic advice.

Our involvement spans governance, financial planning and regulatory compliance, aiming to optimise the everyday travel experience for millions of commuters across various modes of public transport.

KNV Connected Mobility │ Digital innovations make it possible for everything and everyone to be truly connected and it is envisaged that people will increasingly rely on the advantages offered by technological solutions. KNV Connected Mobility is a visionary branch within KNV, dedicated to enhancing the digital aspects of transportation.

Connected Mobility focuses on integrating advanced, novel technologies to create smarter, more efficient and more accessible services across public transport as a whole. As a relatively new sector, it faces unique challenges, one of which is to create a level playing field to ensure fair competition among all market players, from established companies to ground-breaking startups.

By campaigning for consistent regulations and standards, KNV Connected Mobility aims to ensure that all participants have equal opportunities to succeed and innovate.

Our members

Members of KNV gain access to a network of professionals, regulatory support and advocacy for policies that enhance the passenger transport industry. Our communities provide our members with the knowledge and experience they need to anticipate the future.

For further details on our members and how we can assist you in finding reliable transport services in the Netherlands, please visit the member directories on our website.

Vision for the Future

Our strategic initiatives bridge the gap between digital and traditional modes of transport, placing the Netherlands in the lead with respect to global mobility innovations.

KNV collaborates extensively with a large number of stakeholders, both national and international, commercial and governmental, to develop policies that support robust, safe and interconnected mobility solutions.

For any inquiries, please visit our contact page.

We are here to support and develop the transport landscape in the Netherlands and beyond.