Europees digitaliseringsproject ELETA van start

Geplaatst op 01-12-2017

Ad Toet leidt het Europees digitaliseringsproject ELETA, dat de nauwkeurigheid van de aankomsttijden van goederenvervoer per spoor moet verbeteren. Alle (internationale) betrokkenen profiteren van deze toegenomen nauwkeurigheid, die tot stand komt dankzij de onderlinge uitwisseling van data. Het doel is een efficiencyslag voor de gehele goederenvervoerketen.

ELETA is a co-financed project under Connecting Europe Facility (CEF), launched in September 2017, which aims to demonstrate the advantages of exchanging the Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) data within the whole rail supply chain management.

ELETA, which is the acronym for “Electronic Exchange of ETA information” scopes 12 selected intermodal transport relations, which are operated by the Combined Transport operators CEMAT (Italy), Hupac (Netherlands), Inter Ferry Boat (Belgium), Kombiverkehr (Germany) and Rail Cargo Operator (Austria).

The project is the result of an agreement of the rail sector to provide information on Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) to their contract partners, including terminals and intermodal operators under the protection of confidentiality clauses.

ELETA should encourage and facilitate the efforts developed by the sector, but also by Member States and the European institutions to overcome legal, operational and technical obstacles in the electronic exchange of ETA information. The duration of the project is 24 months and its budget amounts 2.8 million euro. The project is coordinated by UIRR and Koninklijk Nederlands Vervoer (KNV).

Preparatory activities in the period between submission of the application and the official starting date 1 September 2017 have been conducted in close cooperation with Rail Net Europe (RNE) and in liaison with the terminals, infrastructure managers and railway undertakings directly involved.

ELETA’s partners will work together with stakeholders through the ETA taskforce and specific events such as Rail Freight Day (7th December 2017, Vienna) where the first outcomes will be presented. The project partners will establish an External Expert Advisory Board, composed of experts interested in sharing their knowledge on the ETA developments.

(bron: UIRR)