What we do

The quality and efficiency of the transport of both passengers and goods are vital to the Dutch economy and national employment. The Netherlands benefits greatly from safe, fast and professional transportation. KNV is actively campaigning to ensure that the national and international importance of commercial transport is continuously recognized by our governments and representatives.

Our main objective in this lobby is to create a sustainable mobility system. KNV is a passionate advocate for smarter and greener transport solutions. Also, we are firm believers that the issue of mobility requires an integral vision for both the Netherlands as well as the whole of Europe. The subject of mobility calls for an approach that links all forms of (international) transportation together, and in which each mode is optimally deployed.

Economical and social interdependence in Europe is growing fast. Therefore we have to acknowledge the fact that mobility is a cross-border issue. The Maastricht Treaty (1992) made free movement of persons and goods possible: KNV is committed to the fact that the objectives of this treaty must be realized in the most sustainable way.

KNV represents both the collective and the individual interests of its members. As a federation, KNV is involved in high profile processes of public and private consultation. Because of this continuous participation, KNV knows how to effectively represent and promote the interests of its transport sectors. In this capacity, KNV plays a substantial part in resolving mobility issues at both a national and an international level. Therefore, KNV considers its relations with politicians and policymakers to be of great value. To further represent members’ interests, KNV works closely with national and international organizations, such as the Dutch employers’ organization VNO-NCW, the International Road Transport Union (IRU)  and the International Association of Public Transport (UITP).

Membership services
KNV provides special services to its members. One of these services is hosting seminars, meetings and briefings on a regular basis. These meetings serve as a platform for representatives of transport companies, industry and politics.
KNV members receive a weekly newsletter, with the latest on political, economical, legal, social and international affairs. KNV also publishes the magazine ‘Dutch Transport’ (Nederlands Vervoer), a journal dedicated to professional passenger transport (published ten times per year).
Furthermore, KNV is happy to provide answers to specific questions from its members, for example concerning the implementation of regulations or the sectors’ collective labour agreements.

The KNV website has a ‘members only’ section. This section contains a selection of password protected services, destined for the exclusive use of KNV members. Restricted areas can be recognized by the red fonts.