Public Transport

In recent years, the public transport sector in the Netherlands has been privatized. At the same time, decision making processes were gradually decentralized – from the national government to provinces and metropolitan regions. During this transitional process, the association Mobis (KNV Public Transport), which had been the public transport platform for years, ceased to exist in 2008. Ever since, most Dutch public transport companies are united within KNV as special members.

In that capacity, KNV supports a variety of cooperation activities, such as ticket sales, subscriptions, cross-border concession rates and fare reductions and the training of officers with investigative abilities (BOA’s). Furthermore, KNV is a shareholder in the firm Tickets Netherlands BV (VBN), which regulated the distribution of the former national public transport ticket, ‘Strippenkaart’ for several decades. As of 2012, KNV is responsible for the allocation of collective revenues from seasonal and zone tickets to public transport companies.